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Opening Restaurant Checklist – The Best Way To A Successful Start

What Is Included On An Opening Restaurant Checklist

Opening Restaurant Checklist – The Best Way To A Successful Start | What Is Included On An Opening Restaurant Checklist
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An opening restaurant checklist is used by many entrepreneurs in order to give their business a successful start. There is a lot of responsibility, time management, organization and keen observation required to run a successful business. Restaurant entrepreneurs need to carefully plan and organize all activities right from the start as well as through various stages of development. Failure to do so will harm their reputation and result in loss of customers to an extent that the business might need to be closed down.

To face the challenges of a new restaurant, a restaurant opening checklist can surely help new restaurant entrepreneurs in more ways than one. Firstly, the checklist ensures that nothing is missed out before the opening of the restaurant. Secondly, it acts as a road map for taking future decisions. Thirdly, it can be used to better organize all resources and the restaurant staff.

The Opening Restaurant Checklist 1-2-3’s

An opening restaurant checklist can be comprised of many things, but here are the top 3 elements that are needed to lead you to a well established restaurant that is ready to serve its customers.

1. Design and Layout

After a suitable location has been selected you need to plan how the restaurant is to be designed and a layout needs to be established. A general rule of thumb is to allocate appropriate space for the dining area, kitchen, storage space, office space and washrooms. Most dining areas occupy the largest space in the restaurant as this is the main income generating area. For the design, some inspiration might be taken from any competing restaurants that your target customers prefer. As the restaurant establishes itself, the design might be modified depending on customer response.

2. Inventory

Inventory planning is an important part of the opening restaurant checklist. Buying an existing business might not create too big of a problem as some past customer data is already available.

If you are opening a new restaurant however, some projections need to be made based on the business plans. The type of inventory that needs to be stocked depends on the type of restaurant you wish to open. Typically this includes food, beverages, linen, silverware etc.

3. Staff

The personnel you need to hire for your restaurant includes hosts, managers, servers, chefs, bartenders, dishwashers and a cleaning staff. The number of employees to be hired and their job descriptions depend on the size and type of the restaurant. Staff hiring needs to be done very carefully because the quality of your personnel will be a huge factor contributing to the success of your business.

All the above-mentioned aspects are just some of the basic things that restaurants need to deal with. Careful planning and organizing is essential in the initial stages to give a good start to the business.

Opening Restaurant Checklist in Summary

When starting a new restaurant there are so many things to consider and so many challenges to face. It is very important to have an organized system in place to ensure the smooth running of the business. An opening restaurant checklist is essential to create and follow so that all necessary tasks can be carried out properly. Some of the basic things to be included on your checklist might be the design and layout, the inventory storage and staff management.

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