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Restaurant Cleaning Checklist – Are They Worth The Trouble?

The importance of having a up to date Restaurant Cleaning Checklist

Restaurant Cleaning Checklist – Are They Worth The Trouble? | The importance of having a up to date Restaurant Cleaning Checklist
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The quality of your restaurant cleaning checklist could very well determine if your business becomes a success of not. Hygiene and appeal are possibly just as important to the everyday customers as the food itself. Cleanliness is so important that they developed a whole agency to enforce that restaurants are in fact cleaned and maintained on a regular basis.

Some businesses use a specific health department restaurant checklist; but in essence if you design your cleaning checklist for restaurants to reflect the laws set forth you will be sort of double ensuring that your specific establishments are following all necessary health laws.

Building Your Restaurant Cleaning Checklist

There are a few seemingly obvious things that should be on your cleaning checklist; like cleaning the tables, bathrooms and parking lot; but there are also some other things; maybe not so obvious like dusting behind the grills/fryers, checking the inventory closet/area is insect free and keeping up the dumpster area.

It would only take one of the above mentioned items, or any countless other, not being on your restaurant cleaning checklist to mark your establishment as a dirty one, not only to your customers but the health department as well. It is simply unrealistic to ask an employee to remember everything that needs to be done, everyday. A cleaning checklist for restaurants can offer some comfort in knowing that everyone has been instructed on what needs to be cleaned.

Restaurant Cleaning 101

When cleaning a restaurant there is simply a lot that needs to be cleaned every day. Many health laws dictate many different things; but in general the following items should be on all cleaning checklists:

>The public bathrooms including the air vents
>The lobby, the customer’s tables and the air vents
>The front counter and menu display board
>All areas where food is directly and indirectly prepared
>The parking lot and dumpster area
>Ensuring that all the trashes are regular changed when full, including parking lot barrels

The restaurant cleaning checklist is really endless because every restaurant is different. Some even breakdown their checklists to reflect every task that gets completed. For example a restaurant may have a checklist that outlines everything from the preparation and creation of a menu item to a detailed step by step of how to properly clean up afterwards.

Restaurant Cleaning Checklist in Summary

The health department and their very strict rules make it very important for restaurant owners to have a detailed and up to date cleaning checklist. Any number of different items could be on a cleaning checklist for restaurants, but to name a few; the lobby and the bathrooms, the parking lot and dumpster area and the front counter and display boards are all areas that should be checked on a regular basis.

When it comes right down to it; the detail that is outlined on a restaurant cleaning checklist could save the establishment from being shut down by the health department. Taking a few extra steps to ensure that everything that the health department wants cleaned is in fact on your cleaning checklist may in the long run protect you and ensure that during the next inspection your employees know exactly what they need to be doing.

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