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Restaurant Opening Checklist – Where Everything Should Start

Why a Restaurant Opening Checklist is The First Step Towards Success

Restaurant Opening Checklist – Where Everything Should Start | Why a Restaurant Opening Checklist is The First Step Towards Success
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Researching and developing a restaurant opening checklist may be a useful exercise in your pursuit of starting your own restaurant business. Many restaurant owners have found that an opening checklist can be a helpful tool to ensure that their place of business is ready to welcome customers. There are two variations of restaurant opening checklists, which are 1) opening a restaurant from scratch and 2) preparing a restaurant for daily operation. This article will concentrate on the former.

What is a restaurant opening checklist?

There are hundreds of items that you are responsible for when planning to open your own restaurant. It is critical to have everything in order and in place before you can open the doors to the restaurant. The restaurant checklist will allow you to identify items that have and have not been addressed. Seemingly, the last thing you want is to delay your opening because you missed an important item that is required to operate your business.

Many times restaurant owners need to collaborate with investors or partners to get their dream off of the ground. A restaurant opening checklist may ease the nerves of your investors because it shows them that you are organized and are on top of the situation. It would seem that the last thing you want while trying to open your restaurant is to have nervous stakeholders that may be questioning your abilities.

What are some items that should be on restaurant opening checklists?

Opening a restaurant is said to be a time-consuming and complex task.

Restaurant opening checklists appear to be a good way of breaking down individual items that need to be addressed into larger categories. For instance, the following categories address many restaurant-oriented tasks that merit some consideration and may appear on a restaurant opening checklist:

>Restaurant Planning
>Building Layout
>Construction (if building a brand new facility)
>Marketing & Printed Materials

Within each of these categories, it would seem to make sense that smaller, individual tasks be enumerated. For example, under the Equipment category, you may include smaller tasks such as, setting up utilities, purchasing or leasing kitchen equipment, selecting dishes/flatware/service items, selecting linen service, and selecting and installing a POS system. These may look like easy items that would not be forgotten but when you have hundreds of small items like this to coordinate, something is bound to fall through the cracks. If you can show your stakeholders that these items are being handled, then that may increase their confidence in you.

How long should restaurant opening checklists be?

A restaurant opening checklist may vary from restaurant to restaurant because of location, business model, cuisine, etc, but they should have similarities. For example, every restaurant will need to consider the number of cooks and wait staff needed to operate the restaurant but not every restaurant will need to consider obtaining a liquor license if they do not plan on selling alcohol.

Some restaurant checklists may be more specific than others. For example, a checklist may breakdown setting up utilities into further sub-items such as electricity, natural gas, and water/sewer so that not one utility is missed. The bottom line is to do some research and find out all of the items that you may need to consider.

Restaurant opening checklist in Summary

Opening a restaurant looks to be a very complex task that takes some coordination in order to run smoothly. Restaurant opening checklists may provide the orderliness and coordination required to ensure a smooth and on-time opening of your business. It appears that one of the benefits of a restaurant checklist is to help keep you organized and provide some reassurance to your stakeholders.

Checklists may vary in detail, items, categories, and length. Research may be required in order to create an exhaustive checklist that meets the needs of your restaurant.

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