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Restaurant Washroom Checklist – What To Include

Key Items That Should Be On Every Restaurant Washroom Checklist

Restaurant Washroom Checklist – What To Include | Key Items That Should Be On Every Restaurant Washroom Checklist
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To run a restaurant successfully it is necessary to satisfy your customers with all the services of your restaurant including clean washrooms for which a restaurant washroom checklist can be very useful. A clean environment has a key importance in attracting the customers and increasing customer loyalty. Cleanliness is a crucial factor in creating a good and healthy environment in the restaurant.

The washroom is one of those areas in the restaurant that requires regular cleaning and sanitation. Sometimes it becomes a real challenge to keep the restaurant washroom clean but a well prepared washroom checklist can make it easy to face this challenge.

The Basic Things That Should Be On Every Restaurant Washroom Checklist

>Place a wet floor sign

Before entering the washroom, make sure that the washroom is empty. Place a wet floor sign in the entrance so that no one enters the washroom during the cleaning process.

>Start at the top

Follow a general rule of the restaurant washroom checklist and that is to clean from top to bottom. This is an easier way to have a complete and thorough cleanup.

>Scrub the toilet bowls and urinals

Put on your gloves, flush toilets and urinals and then apply a bowl brush with a commercial toilet bowl cleaner or a bleaching agent inside and outside of all urinals and toilet bowls.

>Wipe off excess water

Use mops and sponges to wipe off excess water from the floor, urinals and toilet bowls.

>Wipe away the dust

Use a duster to remove all dust around the windows, shelves, doors and all ventilation systems.

>Replenish Supplies

A restaurant washroom checklist is incomplete if you ignore replenishing the supplies. Check hand soap containers, hand towel dispensers, toilet tissue rolls and sanitary napkin dispensers.

Refill and replace these things as needed.

>Make inspections

Inspect the dispensers, sinks, toilets and urinals to check if they are all working properly and report any damage or breakdown immediately.

>Clean the mirrors and light fixtures

Use cleaning liquids and paper towels for cleaning mirrors and light fixtures.

>Empty the trash cans

Use a broom to clean trash from the floor and put all the trash in the trash basket. Empty all trash baskets before leaving.

>Mop the floor

The washroom cleaning process ends with mopping the floor. To prevent any foot prints, start mopping from the part that is farthest from the door. Keep a check on the mop water and change it as soon as it starts to get dirty.

Restaurant Washroom Checklist in Summary

Cleanliness of the restaurant plays an important part in the success of the restaurant. To keep the restaurant washroom sanitized it is a good idea to prepare and follow the outline of a restaurant washroom checklist.

There are various steps involved in the cleaning process of a restaurant washroom. All parts such as cabinets, sinks, doors, windows, floors, toilet bowls and urinals are to be cleaned using a variety of cleaners and appropriate techniques.

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