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Restaurant Employee Application Form – What To Include

What Should Be On A Restaurant Employee Application Form

Restaurant Employee Application Form – What To Include | What Should Be On A Restaurant Employee Application Form
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An important component of hiring good employees is a restaurant employee application form. It would seem that one of the greatest assets to a restaurant would be its employees that wait on customers, serve the customers, greet the customers, prepare food for the customers, and clean up after the customers. Employees can make or break the experience a customer has at your restaurant and it starts with applicants filling out a simple application form.

What Kind Of Information Should Be Collected On The Restaurant Employee Application Form?

The employee application form will most than likely be your first introduction to the applicant. It is from the information collected on the form that you will decided if the applicant fits the needs of the restaurant and meets the job requirements. So, it is important to collect enough information on the form that you can make those determinations. There are several examples of a restaurant employee application form that are available on the internet that you can use as a template.

Here is a list of a few items to consider placing on your employee application in addition to the basic information (i.e. name, phone number, etc):

>Employment history

>Education background to include high school, college, and graduate school

>Special skills, experience, qualifications, and certifications

>Availability to work

>Criminal background

>List of references

While the items above may serve as some important
information to collect from applicants on a restaurant employee application form, you may want to include other items that are pertinent to your restaurant. Some restaurants require employees that possess specialized skills so it would be important to include a way to collect that information as well.

How Should I Collect The Information On The Form?

There are a couple of primary ways to structure an employee application form. Some restaurants require applicants to physically visit the restaurant and fill out a hardcopy version of the application. On the other hand, some restaurants will accept applications over the internet on their websites. There are pros and cons to both ways.

Requiring applicants to come to the restaurant to apply for a position may give you an opportunity to meet them and evaluate their demeanor and body language. However; making them come by to fill out a restaurant employee application form may limit the number of people who take the time to apply.

Accepting restaurant employee application forms over the internet may allow you to reach a larger pool of applicants since they do not need to physically visit the restaurant. This may result in a large number of applications that you will have to sift through, thus requiring more of your time. However, taking time to hire the right people is an important step in operating any business. By accepting applications online, you lose out on potentially meeting them and gauging their personality and demeanor.

Restaurant Employee Application Form In Summary

Your employees can have a large impact on your customer’s experience, so it would seem to be a worthwhile cause to take the necessary time and collect the necessary information to hire the right candidates. You can customize your restaurant employee application form to meet the needs of your restaurant and the job requirements of the positions that you have available. There are many sample forms available on the internet to help you get started.

A couple of different ways to collect applications is by requiring applicants to stop by and fill out a hardcopy version of the application or allow applicants to submit digital version on the internet. Both ways have positives and negatives so it is important to choose the method that you are most comfortable with.

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